Conversion Help

Can some one explain how to convert from Personal to Pro is their documentation on this?

The easy way:

Make a copy (option-drag in the Finder) of your current DT PE database, copying it to, for example, your Documents folder.

Still in the Finder, select that copied folder (don’t open it). Open the Info panel for the folder and change the folder’s name by adding the suffix .dtBase

Press Return and close the Info panel.

Double-click on your new DT Pro database package and it will open under DT Pro.

In DT Pro, select File > Database Properties. Check the option to make this your default database.


I boldly ask dumb questions, because if I missed something, I figure maybe someone else did, too.

Am I right in understanding Bill’s answer that DT Pro will not automatically take over your DT PE database ? That you have to take specific steps ?

Because that is what I’d like: to download DT Pro and have it start with a blank database and play with it, while leaving DT PE and its database untouched.

And how would this affect people paying the upgrade price ? Would you end up with Pro and PE ?

Those aren’t dumb questions.

Some people have had trouble getting DT Pro to recognize their DT PE database. I point them to a procedure as above, that will let them work with their database under DT Pro. And if (heaven forfend) someone doesn’t like DT Pro during the trial, their DT PE app is ready and waiting, with their DT PE database undamaged. For that matter, write down the date when you started using DT Pro with your old database, and added new content. If you wish, you can export all the new content back to your DT Pro database, via History and Export > Files and Folders.

Of course you can start with a blank database in DT Pro, also. (Or create new experimental databases as you like.) That’s a good way to play with the new app (and a useful way to learn it). :smiley:

Yes, for all practical purposes.

Running both applications can confuse Services keyboard shortcuts. I do it often for support purposes, however.

As always, Thanks Bill.