Convert duplicates to replicates

Hi all
apologies if this is possible already but I frequently run into a problem that requires a lot of tedious not to mention error-prone work which I’d like to offload to my servant (DTPO).

Some projects that have evolved over time reside now in DTPO and have several duplicate files inside them, most of which actually mean something. It would be great to just right-click them and order DTPO “make all duplicates inside this projects replicates”.

Is this possible?


You can get part of the way there by creating a smart group that searches for Instance is Duplicate, selecting everything in the group, and using the contextual menu item Replicate To…

Problem is that this doesn’t replicate to the same groups where the duplicates are (a requirement I’m assuming based on your description of the problem), just to a single group that you select. Ask over in the Scripting forum if someone has a script that does what you want; it’s not a complex task to make one.

Actually, there’s some trick to it as you can have “replicants of duplicates” and “duplicates of replicants.”

But you’re right that it’s done:

I used it basically as a one-shot, so I didn’t put a lot of defensive code in, and it hasn’t been extensively tested by lots of people. SO TRY IT ON A COPY OF YOUR DATA!

HTH, Charles

Thanks for your kind help, guys, I will try it out when I have a moment (I’d rather test in a safe environment than electrocute my data, due to m own stupidity, no doubt) and report back.