Convert email to PDF in Standard edition of DT3

Using Standard edition of DEVONThink 3, I manually Import AppleMail emails to a database within DT, but cannot Convert them to PDF.
At Data/Convert the sub-menu is not accessible. Is this how it is with the Standfard edition?

The Standard edition doesn’t handle emails. Only the Pro and Server editions do.

Thanks Bluefrog.\

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you could print your e-mail in Mail app directly to DT as a PDF: In the print dialog, select “Print To DEVONthink3” in the drop down menu at the bottom (under the button lablled “PDF”).

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Yes, that’s what I have started doing. Looking for reasons to upgrade to the Pro edition and thought this might be one. Time to make a decision I think.

Here are other reasons to upgrade to a higher edition…


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