Convert hashtags found in text to tags

I’m confused. Didn’t you want to use the script in a Smart Rule?

I could do that too, but I got into a rabbit hole and decided to leave them in the script so I can see them at the top menu bar lol its a long story but the script works

… I am not even confused, as I am rather doing a try-and-miss :smiley:

when I am using the script as menu-script (taking out the ‘performSmartRule’-bracketing I get an error: The variable “the Records” is not defined.

@obadiahcruz: can you share the version that works for you?
(after letting go of some other niceties bec of my scripting-incompetencies, I´d really like to make this one work for my longer term archiving + sorting efforts 0:-) )

It‘s the first script in this thread.

BTW simply removing something from a Smart Rule doesn’t turn it into a normal script. I suggest you compare both versions to see what’s needed.


@pete31 thx a load! I don´t know what happened why (I am losing my tracks experimenting with + hacking my way through scripting) – but re-copying the two scripts + using as smart rule) just lead to success!
this is a huge (practical) step forward to me. sothx to both you – incl. @obadiahcruz – for continued help + patience!
– have a good week!