Convert to OCR keeps creating a full version from a crop

I have a PDF which I have cropped. (About 1/8th of a scan from a magazine page)

I want to keep an advert for a micro towel :slight_smile:

When I do “Convert to PDF” the resultant PDF is the previous FULL page, not the cropped PDF which I am right clicking on.

I am very confused. I presume I am doing something stupid?
I’ve tried update thumbnail, but as expected it didn’t help.

The PDF opens as the small crop in Preview.

Any ideas folks? Thanks.

My guess is that the OCR software doesn’t recognise the crop and runs OCR on the whole page. I cannot be sure if that is a bug.

Sorry, can’t resist this, as I’m famous for workarounds/kludges to get things accomplished. :slight_smile:

Using a pair of scissors, clip out the advertisement, then scan it.

Or, open the full PDF in Graphic Converter or similar photo editing application, make sure the resolution is set to at least 300 dpi, then crop to the area of the ad and save the PDF file. Now it will OCR only the text of the ad.

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