Convert to One-Page PDF, + Multi-Page PDFs cutting off text


The main reason I switched to DevonTHINK is its masterful handling of PDFs; there are, however, two small areas that could be improved.

The main issue is that when saving/converting to a Multi-Page PDF, text is often cut in half at the boundary between pages. i.e. Instead of starting a line on the next page, the letters are split between the bottom of the current page and the top of the next page. This is basically a dealbreaker for using the Multi-Page format, as it can render key lines of text unreadable.

The other issue is that using Convert to PDF on notes only converts to Multi-Page PDFs (which can cause the issue mentioned above). It would be useful to be able to convert notes into One-Page PDFs from within DevonTHINK (just like the option in the Web Clipper).

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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What kind of files did you convert?

Most recently it was Formatted Notes imported from Evernote - though I have also noticed this with the Web Clipper. When saving as a Multi-Page PDF, the text is often chopped in half at the start/end of pages.

It’s probably caused by the HTML code of the imported note. Could you send such a note to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks.

Hi, I have the same issues converting rss html text feeds into paginated pdfs. Is there a fix at the moment?