Convert to Searchable PDF: How to keep same file name

I have some pdfs that I want to make searchable, and I would like to keep the original file name. I have done some conversions but the file name is not the same as the original file name. Are there settings that I am missing?

In Preferences > OCR, I choose the option to move the original to the Trash.

When I select an image-only PDF and choose Data > Convert > to searchable PDF, the resulting searchable PDF has the same Name as the original.

I set the preferences and the here are the results I got.

Ok. So I found out that when I convert to searchable pdf it uses the title listed in the pdf meta data. I converted some that had a title of “untitled” and it converted to a file name of “untitled.pdf”. Is there a way to force it to use the file name instead?