Convert to Searchable PDF option not available ANYWHERE

After the upgrade to Pro 2.0.2, I have lost the ability for DT to perform OCR on scanned PDFs. There is no option for that on the contextual menu of a PDF, nor is it available under Data | Convert

It feels as if the OCR capabilities didn’t get installed.

I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap - it’s scanner software will perform OCR before it passes it to DT, but it’s really slow (synchronous vs. asynch in DT).

I noticed in a FAQ that on the first time you run DT after installation it will prompt you to download the ABBYY files… I never saw that. I’m wondering if I’ve missed that step somehow. Anybody know how to confirm that the OCR engine is installed, and if it isn’t… how to go about getting it installed?

OCR is a feature of Pro Office. You write that you “upgrade[d] to Pro 2.0.2”. Do you have the correct edition of DT installed?

Actually, I didn’t upgrade to Pro, I just “upgraded” to version 2.0.2 from version 2.0.1. I always had the Pro version.

Anyway, since I posted this a few minutes ago, I’ve resolved the issue. I just reinstalled version 2.0.1 of the software, and when it opened, it prompted me to install the OCR Engine. I checked that, and it started working again. Then, I did a “Check for Updates” and installed 2.0.2.

I must have missed that step somehow on the previous upgrade… and funny thing is, it wasn’t an option in the “Help | Install Add-Ons” dialog.

Actually… that’s exactly what happened. I just opened the newly upgraded installation of 2.0.2, and it prompted me to install add-ons… but the OCR add on was NOT checked by default. I’m sure that’s why I missed it… I just hit OK thinking I was accepting everything, and I missed OCR.

You have installed DT Pro Office 2.0.2, not DT Pro 2.0.2, which doesn’t include OCR.