Convert to searchable PDF results in error messages

Hi Forum

I’m a new user and currently setting up DTP3. One thing that I cannot get to work so far is converting a PDF to a searchable PDF. When I select a file and go >Data >OCR >to searchable PDF , I get the following error message in the notifications pane:

Failed to process document
/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/ABBYY/SDK/12/FineReader Engine/FontCache/SystemFactory.Cache/ArialMT.2650073095.2.fch was not found

(I’ve replaced my actual user with USERNAME in the above)

Besides DTP3 I have the ScanSnap Home software installed with their bundled ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap Tools. I wonder if the two might conflict? However, I’m just a simple user and no sysadmin or developer. So forgive me if I’m guessing in directions that make no sense.

Thanks for any help on this!

ABBYY will use the same folder for both applications although that should not cause a problem. If you quit DEVONthink and ScanSnap Home, then delete the /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/ABBYY/SDK/12/FineReader Engine/FontCache folder it should clear the error. The FonCache will get recreated the next time you OCR a document.

Perfect. Thanks @aedwards !