Convert URLs to Markdown Applescript

I hacked this together based of one of Christian Grunenberg’s conversion Applescripts available through the ‘Support Assistant’ but altered it to make use of the ‘create Makrdown from’ command in the DEVONthink Applescript suite.

I prefer the results achieved via the DEVONthink Web Clipper as detailed here - viewtopic.php?f=20&t=20320 - but if you’re happy with capturing Mardown conversions before they’ve gone through the Readability API it works very well and includes error checking. The downside of handling Markdown conversions in this manner is that the capture includes navigation elements, sidebar content etc. This might be required and useful for some use cases.

To use this script first select the required Webloc bookmark files in DEVONthink then fire off the script. The converted file is placed back in the same folder within DEVONthink.
Convert URLs to (5.87 KB)

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Hi, I’m unable to download the zip file, is it possible to post it in another way? Thanks.

The initial post is 6 years old.