Convert Word to PDF with Contextmenu/Script

Alternatively you may use the script, I posted here earlier. It converts many formats (including Markdown, DOCX and etc.) to professional looking PDFs using pandoc.


  • It preserves all the links in the document (print function doesn’t)
  • Creates TOC in the PDF outline from the Headings (MD, as well as DOCX)
  • Batch converting in DTPO (recreating all the replicants of the source files, and other metadata, including tags)
  • Extremely flexible PDF output
  • Many input text formats


  • You’ll have to install and setup pandoc
  • Need to convert DOCs to DOCXs (if you still have DOCs)
  • If you need to preserve complex DOCX formatting, you’ll need to use the templates, custom styles or setup other pdf-engines (see the pandoc manual). In this script I used XeTeX, but pandoc supports also ConTeXt, pdfroff, wkhtmltopdf, weasyprint and prince.