Converting Database

Hello all,

I’m playing with DTPO 2.0. It seams to be a nice application but the converting of an old database is very ugly. Up to now DTPO converts my main database since 5 hours and there is no message box with any information. Only in the Activity Monitor I can see that DTPO is not responding and that the DevonDataHelper is running. Is this behavior normal?

My Database is 47GB and contains about 18000 PDF’s. DTPO runs on a MacBookPro (Duo Core) with 4G RAM.


47 GB? Holy crap!

Remember, the conversion will need a lot of hard drive free space, as the content of the DTPO1 database will first be exported, then imported into the converted database. And of course the original database is still occupying space on the drive. To be conservative, you might estimate that conversion will require twice the storage space of the DTPO1 database, although the actual free space required will likely be less than that.

Try not to run out of free hard drive space, as that is Never A Good Thing.

If free hard drive space is low, one could “segment” the conversion by exporting via File > Export > Files & Folders just part of the DTPO1 database at a time to a target folder, sequentially importing (File > Import > Files & Folders) ALL the contents of the target folder into a new DTPO2 database, and emptying the target folder as each segment is transferred to the new DTPO2 database.