Converting jpg to searchable pdf - odd format/dimensions

dttg test.pdf (8.8 MB)

my first post - please be patient with me…

  1. I take a picture with DTTG (portrait format)
  2. Then convert it to searchable/readable pdf in DTTG
  3. New pdf looks odd - it’s in landscape format and somehow squeezed.

Any suggestions?

Iphone12, current/newest iOS, newest DTTG

DEVONthink ToGo takes “pictures”. They don’t (yet?) provide a feature to scan a document.

I avoid this problem by taking a scan and exporting that into DEVONthink ToGo (if that’s where I want it to go). While I normally use (for years) the app “Scanner Pro” there are other apps, including Notes on iOS that scan in B&W, grey scale, and color which might work better for you. Certainly the file sizes are smaller and I would say the results are better than using a photograph.

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I use
new object (German: Neues Objekt)
media (Medien)
new picture (Neues Bild)

Result: .jpg

convert to searchable pdf.


P.S. I’ll try Scanner Pro - thanks

Suggest you try Notes first. Already on your iOS device. Scanner Pro has some great features (creates PDFs, for example) and I’ve used for years, but now has competition. I use “share” button to get into DEVONthink. Not free, though. Also Dropbox App has scanning. Probably others.

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just tried notes - that works for my requirements!



I use the scan documents feature in the IOS Files app
Saved directly to the Devonthink global inbox

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Yep. As I said, there are others.

Welcome @captainmonaco
I filed an issue on the distorted OCR document. Thanks for reporting it. :slight_smile:

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