Converting webarchives to "searchable" bookmarks

Hi, I want to replace some webarchives with bookmarks.

(as new user I used to capture whole webpages, e.g. from this forum, til I found a post which told me that one can select and drag portions of a webpage to DEVONthink’s icon in the dock, thanks @korm)

But I don’t really like to loose the ability to search the content. I think the best way would be to write the current text content of a webpage into the finder comment (of a new bookmark).

I know it’s possible to get a webpage’s content via shell “curl” or “wget”. But (if possible) I do not want the complete HTML source, only the text content - or (if possible) only user generated text content.

(background: I’m also searching for a way to get tweets (with comments) into Tinderbox but have no idea of HTML)

A simple script can do this:

tell application id "DNtp"
	repeat with theRecord in (selection as list)
		if type of theRecord is webarchive then
			set theName to name of theRecord
			set theURL to URL of theRecord
			set theText to plain text of theRecord
			create record with {name:theName, URL:theURL, type:bookmark, comment:theText} in (parent 1 of theRecord)
		end if
	end repeat
end tell