I tried to use EasyFind to find a cookie (username) that I have been unable to remove (deleleting preferences, macwasherX).  

I don’t know what this cookie is called, but I assumed the username would be in the file, so I used that as my search criterion.  Nothing came up.

Then, just to test EasyFind for finding a cookie, I use the IE’s preference file name for one, but it didn’t come up.  

Am I searching incorrectly, or does EasyFind not find cookies.

Thanks so much.

Either you’ve used the wrong filename or the file was invisible/inside a package (and those options were not set) or you have to activate the option to scan all files (if you want to search file contents).

For the cookie whose info I could see in the IE preferences, i used the file name listed.  I did scan by file name and by file contents and I did check for invisible files and I did scan my entire harddrive.  

Is it possible that the file name listed in IE preferences is not the real file name? But, shouldn’t it have come up when I did a contents scan.

Also, for the cookie (username) I’m really interested in, shouldn’t it come up when I search contents by the username because the username would have to be in the file’s code, right? But that doesn’t come up either, no matter how I searched (as in my test case above).

Thanks for trying to help me. Any more ideas?  

Haven’t used IE for ages (no M$ over here :slight_smile:) but I guess that IE displays (like other browsers) the cookie name, not the file name. And I’m not sure if the IE cookie file (should be only one file for all cookies) is human readable.

Thanks for your reply.

You are obviously very much more knowledgeable about computers than I.  I’m just flailing about here.

I think I understand your reply, and if so, to refresh your memory:

In the IE menu, you choose "Preferences", then scroll down to "Cookies" and up comes a box with your cookies, which you edit or delete.  The box contains three headings: Server, Name, Status.
The cookie info for Devon, for example:  www.Devon-; YaBBpassword; enabled.  

I have been able to delete the entire IE cookie file in Preferences without gettting rid of  the one I want to get rid of.  Apparently it is not in that file.  In fact, if all cookies were in the browser’s pref file, people wouldn’t need MacWasher or other cookie erasers. right?

HOw could there be a cookie for a username that doesn’t contain that username somewhere in the file.  And if so, why doesn’t a search find it, even if it’s something that I might not be able to open.


I’d suggest to check the folder ~/Library/Preferences and look for files/folders containing “Microsoft” or “Internet Explorer” in the name (maybe check the folder /Library/Preferences too).