Copernic Vs Devonthink

Hello All,

I am seriously contemplating buying a mac. The only issue is that I rely heavily on Copernic to search emails, word documents etc. I find copernic excellent and would want the same level of quality from another application.

Does Devonthink have a better capability?


You posted the question in the DEVONthink to Go forum – though it reads like a desktop question.

“Better” is what?

Somewhat apples-and-oranges, in that Copernic is Windows-based. DEVONthink (desktop) has very powerful search features and can apply those to imported emails, etc. Perhaps you might post a couple power-user examples that you want to accomplish with whatever replaces Copernic – and readers of the forum could have something concrete to respond to?


Mainly for searching emails and word documents etc. I work in recruitment and copernic allows me to search documents/email instantly. For example “sap” AND “fi” AND “co” This will bring up a result highlighting all the key words searched for.



I have been using FoxTrot Personal Search for a couple of years for desktop searching on a Mac. It is fast, supports search patterns and various result filters, and it provides previews with search terms highlighted. I often use it to search my mailbox rather than the Mail app search. I can recommend it.