Copy and Paste from Office/iWork

I tried copying and pasting from Numbers into a new DTPO item using New With Clipboard, hoping that it might create a sheet. It didn’t and the result surprised me, so I checked the behaviour with other iWork/Office applications. What I found was that New With Clipboard creates items with the following formats:

  1. tiff from Numbers
  2. PDF+Text from Excel
  3. RTF from Pages
  4. PDF+Text from Word

So pasting from the clipboard can create 3 different formats: image, pdf and text depending on the originating software. Is this a feature of the originating software and how it interfaces with the clipboard?

This depends on the data copied to the clipboard by the source application. DEVONthink tries to use the richest format but I’ll have a look at this. Which version of MS Office/iWork do you use?

Many thanks - MS Office 2008 for Mac (Office 2011 gives same results) and iWork 09 (latest version)

The next maintenance release will capture RTF(D) in all these cases.