Copy and Paste Question


Here’s my question: If I am in DevonAgent, select text on a particular web page, add/copy that selected text to Devonthink, the entire selection is now visible in Devonthink. If I then export this text from Devonthink, say, as an RTF document, the exported document includes all the text originally selected in Devonagent.

But if I go back to Deonagent, select another bit of text, add/copy the newly selected text into the previously created Devonthink document, I can see the new text in Devonthink. But when I export that document as an RTF, the RTF document includes the original text but not the newly selected text.

Is this correct behavior?

Ultimately, what I’m trying to do is create a custom document w/out having to save multiple documents or create the document using Word or something else.


The behavior is correct, assuming that you exported the document before you saved the latest edit changes to disk – I suspect that’s what happened, and explains why you didn’t see the latests changes in the exported file.

Ah, okay. I was adding the next text but didn’t think I needed to select “save”. Thanks.