Copy date set into data field to creation date

Hey folks,

please help with this.
I have an intelligent folder set up to show documents in a date between range (for year quartals) and entered all the dates manually in the custom date field I have activated through SETTINGS -> DATA.

Now I found out that I cannot use that custom field for the intelligent folder (at least not for a date between range). How can I get a script to copy the CUSTOM DATE to and replace the CREATION DATE ???

There’s actualy no such condition, which dates should actually be accepted by the smart group?

Hi :slight_smile:

Actually I sort everything I need with the e.g. creation date.
The custom date field in the custom section is not sortable like that.
So what would do it for me is a script that copies that custom date from the custom date field and replaces the creation date.

Custom metadata can be used for sorting too, see View > Sorting > Customize Metadata…