Copy document name from See Also

I would like to be able to copy and paste the name of a document from the suggestions given in the “See Also” box.

After scanning, say, a water bill into DPTO with my ScanSnap, it’s called Untitled001 along with dozens of other documents with the same or similar name (after a good scanning session). I move it from Global Inbox to the relevant Home Finances database’s Inbox, from where I can rename and file it in the right Group. I use the excellent See Also & Classify to remind me of my naming convention and to move it to the chosen Group. However, there is no easy way from this point to grab an example of that name to replace Untitled001. In the example above, I would see that I named my last water bill “Urban Utilities Water Account 201407” and would want this one named “Urban Utilities Water Account 201410”.

It would be great to Right Click on the most suitable name in the See Also list and be offered Copy Document Name (perhaps under Copy Item Link). A Right Click on the 201407 example in the See Also list, copy and paste over Untitled001, then backspace twice to remove 07 and type 10 is so much quicker and easier than retyping the whole name from scratch, which is currently what needs to be done (unless I have missed something else DTPO can do).

Select the document (from the ‘See also’-panel) from which you want to get the name and do

  1. CMD + Shift + i
  1. CMD + c

and - boom - it’s on your clipboard.

‘CMD + Shift + i’ brings up the Info window for the selected document with the name as the first detail already selected.
Instead of typing this shortcut you could go > menu bar > Tools > 'Show Info’ or click on this button in your toolbar:

Thanks, Berndm, that’s quicker than how I’ve been doing it. A little clunky still, but will save me some time.

Further to my original request, I wonder if renaming documents WITHIN the See Also listing would be possible. It is a place where the software intelligently and logically gathers all like documents. Unfortunately, sometimes my UNintelligent, illogical brain :confused: has labelled similar things in different and perhaps odd ways over time, and renaming them here quickly and easily would create the uniformity I desire in my filing. So a click - wait - click to highlight the text of the document name in the See Also list to allow editing right there would be even better than my original suggestion above. It would allow Copying of the correct desired one and then the ability to paste it and slightly change it as desired over all the wrong’uns.

In addition to the three options to call up the info window already described, you can also ctrl-click a selected item from ‘See Also’ and bring up the info panel from the context menue: ‘show info’.

As stated in my first answer, the Info window opens with the name of the item as the first detail already selected. So it’s just one shortcut or ctrl-click and you can directly type a new name/edit the existing.

Fwiw, the ‘rename’ scripts from > menu bar > Icon for AppleScript > ‘Rename’ work also for selected items in ‘See also’.