Copy file to database?

Hi there

I’m giving DevonThink a demo and was wondering about the best preference setting for PDF’s and images: is it best to copy the files into the database or to not copy?

I’d be keen to hear what experienced users say about this issue.



This is something I’ve been wondering about… I want to integrate my images into the database such that they go with the database folder when I move it. But is it best (safest) to copy these into the database file itseld, or to copy them into the database folder? The latter seems safer because, if the database evers gets corrupter, I can just drill down to ~/Home/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink/Files and get my original files back. If they’re in the database file and it gets hosed, then I would imagine I’d lose everything. Is there a compelling reason to do this one way or the other? Thanks,


Advantage of “Copy to database folder” (inside “Files”):
You can access your images without starting DT and of course if the database should fail, you won’t lose the images.

Advantage of "Copy to database":
Less files and password protection.

Thanks… That clears things up a bit. I’m not worried about password protecting, so I guess I’ll just have the files copied to the database folder.