Copy files to database folder or to database

In the Preferences of DT Pro there is an Option on the Tab “Import” where you can specify what to do with imported files.

You have the options to (1) reference, to (2) copy files to database folder or to (3) copy files to database. What´s the difference between the last two options? What is recommended?



The database has a monolithic structure – a ‘one big file’ sort of approach. Importing into the database itself simply adds new material to the whole.

But the database package contains a Files folder, in which content is stored in the Finder. Importing to the database Files folder adds content that retains its Finder file identity.

Importing into the database Files folder is a good approach, as the DT/DT Pro database will then require somewhat less memory. That is the approach DT Pro version 2’s revised file structure will take.