Copy Item Link not working (and [[WikiLink]] won't link to different Database)

Hi all,

Apologies, I think I’ve missed something here. It’s about backlinks between DT docs (not links to outside DT). I have two issues.

  1. When I “Copy Item Link” and paste it into another DT doc (e.g. RTF) all I get (now) is the DT Item Link extension and not a clickable link. Before (up until an hour ago!) I would get a clickable link, which was the title of the DT doc and not the DT Item Link extension. Any ideas? This is happening when I paste item links into Rich Text Files.

  1. I turned WikiLinks to Automatic with [[…]] toggled on, but one thing I notice is that I can only WikiLink to DT items in the same database and not other databases. Is this correct? And further, how do WikiLinks distinguish between two documents with the same title (since it’s the title that’s being linked and not the DT item link)?

On #2 I wanted to use WikiLinks because I can’t seem to paste DT item links from PDFs, RTFs, etc… INTO a plain text file. Does anyone have any other workarounds to get clickable item backlinks (backlinks to other DT docs) INTO plain text files?

I did look on the forums but the advice seems to be mixed and a bit dated, so here I am…Thanks so much, as always :slight_smile:

What kind of document?

Yes, automatic Wiki linking is limited to the same database.

Usage of such titles is not recommended, the first matching item is used in this case.

“What kind of document?” = RTF

Ok, thanks. So WikiLinks stick to the same DB.

So in summary the issue is

  1. When I “Copy Item Link” and paste it into an RTF all I get is the DT item link extension, and it’s not clickable (where before I got a clickable item link that was the title of the DT document).

  2. Are WikiLinks the only workaround to create backlinks between Plain Text files?

Which version of DEVONthink and of macOS do you use? I just tried this successfully in both RTF documents and formatted notes.

At least the only automatic one. Custom metadata supports cross links too but this isn’t really useful in case of multiple back links.

DEVONthink 3.5.2
macOS Catalina 10.15.6

It was working for me too up until two hours ago. I’ve been making these backlinks forever. I think I must have done something.

Retracing my steps all I did was turn auto WikiLinks on AND I played around with edit>substitutions> smart links. Could it have been that? (btw, I still don’t understand what Smart Links are. They’re not mentioned in the DT Handbook or Help menu).


It’s a feature of most Mac apps, it should be mentioned in the description of the preferences at least.

Help > Documentation > Preferences > Editing > General

Though I suppose I could use URL instead of web addresses.

Comm F fail, thanks Jim.

Ok, so that leaves the “Copy Item Link” issue that doesn’t seem to be replicable!


Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.