Copy part of a note with source?

Is there some way I can copy part of a note into another folder and have the note’s citation (i.e. source) automatically go with it? Or do I have t manually enter the source in the new note?

Selecting and copying text from a document into a new plain or rich text note does not carry the “source” information along. If you wish to have a clickable link to the source of the excerpt, paste the captured text into a new rich text document. Then go back to the source document and choose Edit > Copy Item Link, then paste that into your new note. The Item Link, when clicked, will open the source document (and will display the Name of the source document in your new note).

In the case of multipage PDF documents, you could copy the Page Link from the relevant page and paste it into your new note, so that you have a clickable link to the page from which you captured a text selection.

If you want to explore scripting, it should be possible to run a script to copy selected text and also paste the Item Link into a new rich test note that holds the copied text and a clickable link to the source document.

Interesting to know. Thank you for that, but my need is perhaps simpler. If I copy one paragraph from a longer document called “Interview with Bill re: DT” and paste that paragraph into a new note, I’d like not an actual hyperlink, but just a citation that says “Interview with Bill re: DT” somewhere attached to this new note. It could be in the text, or in a Tag, or in Spotlight Comments, etc.

I’d just like to find the easiest, quickest way to attach the source citation to the new note.