Copy-paste a .dtbase2 database file on disk

Is it possible to copy and paste entire DEVONthink 3 databases i.e. the .dtbase2 files in Finder, and use these databases with DEVONthink 3?

I want to use DEVONthink’s features for working on multiple similar projects and thus set up a standard folder structure, TXT/RTF/RTFD starter notes, smart folders, etc. within a starter database that can be duplicated in its entirety.

I don’t intend to sync these databases, which hopefully avoids any duplicate UUID issues.

In my initial testing, DEVONthink 3 doesn’t complain if such duplicated databases (with different filenames .dtbase2) are open simultaneously.

Is there any obvious problem with using DEVONthink .dtbase2 files like regular documents that can be copy-pasted in Finder?


For one, no I wouldn’t copy and paste a database. This isn’t Windows :wink:

And no, you shouldn’t duplicate databases. Nor should you be messing about in the internals of a database package.


Also, you can select items in one database and duplicate them to another open database.


Thank you for the quick reply and the link to the blog post. This works for me.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: