copy & paste bug? (ver. 1.3)

Ok. I have a replicable oddity here. I’m copying text from site into DTP. Any character that is contiguous to a quotation mark—single or double—is elided upon pasting as a ⌘N “new with clipboard” along with said quote mark. Très bizare, non? In the case of the word final single quote (i.e. apostrophe), the quote and the two following characters disappear. :confused:

DTP ver. 1.3 beta 2

Please don’t use that old beta, especially under OS X 10.5.x. You will encounter text anomalies.

The most recent version of DT Pro, for both Tiger and Leopard operating systems, is 1.5.4. It can be found via the Legacy link on the Download page.

The public beta of DT Pro 2.0 can be downloaded on the Download page.