Copy/Paste for smart groups

It would be nice if one could copy/paste smart group definitions. I have several databases where I use smart groups to sort bills into the corresponding year. Right now, I’ll have to create each and every one of these groups manually. Which is a bit tedious.

IMHO, perhaps you would consider to invest a bit more time in the help menu or see item by item on what functions are available in the contextual menu? Duplicate function is available almost everywhere.
Ah, perhaps you are referring to cross-database copy. That I don’t know. My apology.

Thanks for this very useful suggestion.
But maybe you’d like follow it yourself? Here’s a screenshot from the context menu for smart groups:

As you can see for yourself, there is no Copy and no Duplicate – only “copy reference” which is NOT what I need. Edit and Rename are also not quite what I was looking for, thank you.
Yes, I was to referring to cross-database copy. But that is irrelevant here – there simply IS no copy or duplicate in the context menu for smart groups.

I hope we are referring to DT3b3?
For smart groups that are located within the database, I think cmd-d will duplicate the group within the same location. Or using the contextual menu for duplicating the group to other location:

For global smart group and smart rule located on sidebar, this?

I see.

What you show me is working for a kind of “global” smart group (for lack of a better word. In my screenshot, I get the same context menu as you for the smart group “Verlauf” (would be “History” in English) at the bottom. But not for the groups 2014… above that are part of the database (?) “ck S162”. Those are the ones I’d like to copy to another database. Or rather their definition not the content.

Hi. Thanks for the clarification.
AFAIMA, only global smart group can be duplicated and shared among different database BUT:
Try to do this in the list view of ur database (ur database ck S162): (1) duplicate a local smart group (say 2014) in the list pane, not in the sidebar, then (2) drag and drop the local smart group FROM the list view into the sidebar’s global smart group. And you’ll get a duplicate of the smart group with the option to choose different database as the scope.
This trick works for me. In fact, I just found out about this!

EDITED: it seems that you don’t even need to create a duplicate,
(1) just drag and drop the local smart group from the list pane/view or ur database into the global smart group on the sidebar, a copy of your smart group will be created that can let you choose different database as scope.
(2) use contextual menu on the smart group (u need to do this in the list view), choose “Duplicate to” and choose the destination database. The local smart group will create a copy to the database you select.

Thanks a bunch. Both of these approaches work (though the first one allows me only to move a smart group out of a database into the global part – back from there into another database seems not possible).
So it seems to be rather a UI improvement request – I’d expect to work the context menu for an object the same regardless of the position of the object in the application.

They serve different purpose? Global smart groups in sidebar are meant to search across many database so perhaps the criteria of search for cross-database is more likely to create unexpected issues if users simply drag and drop global smart groups from sidebar to a specific database - thus the move/duplicated from global to local is prohibited.