Copy/paste from PDF - anomaly

When trying to copy a block of text from a PDF file under DT Pro Office (v 2.8.9), the strings “fi” and “fl” are omitted when pasted. For example, the following is the result:

Do you have a machine in your of ce with a oppy disc drive? If so, do you have software capable of deciphering the le?

This does not happen when copying the text from the PDF in Preview.

Any ideas what is going on?

Try Data > Convert > to Plain Text with that PDF, which will make a plain text copy of the OCR text layer – just to see if the text has been recognized in the OCR process.

If the problem persists – and is affecting more than one document – your might want to open a Support ticket and include a copy of the problematic PDF.

It is interesting to note these are two common ligatures.

korm had a good idea. The problem is indeed with the source documents as downloaded from the internet, before they hit DTPO.

I checked one or two other PDFs from other sources and that problem is not shown.

Thank you.