Copy-Paste from PDFs does not work for Non-OCR'ed PDFs

In the current version of DTPO (2.0.3) the Split-PDF feature does not work as already confirmed in another forum post. The workaround is to copy or cut pages from a PDF and paste them as new document. However, this does not work for PDFs which have no underlying text i.e. pure Image-PDFs. Any idea how to work around this limitation? Thanks, Thomas

This is working over here. Maybe try with a different sample set of PDFs? Or try to drag pages from one PDF to another?

When copying/pasting PDF pages, be sure to do that by copying the page icons rather than the pages themselves. This does work in version 2.0.3.

See Vierw > PDF Display to make the page icons visible, if they are not currently displayed.

Strangeā€¦ Based on your feedback, I have looked into this issue again. It is indeed not working for one specific file, a rather large one. Dragging thumbnails does work (thanks for this hint :slight_smile: After imported this one file again, copy- paste does work again. Thanks for your help. Best, Thomas