Is this an issue with DTPO or ExactScan? I’m slowly scanning (OCR/DTPO) my documents that have piled up and when I scan a new document, I’d like to be able to copy/paste from the existing DB name (ie. WaterBill_080421) when another name is ExactScan. It doesn’t seem to let me do this,either by cmd-c/cmd-v or ctrl-click copy/paste.

Any work arounds, other than create multiple profiles?

That will be fixed by ExactCode in the next release. Thank your for reporting this!


Hoping DTPO 2 would resolve it, it doesn’t. I’ve got v2.1.0 of ExactCode (is that current?). Any other feedback on which release it was supposed to be fixed?

I have forwarded your request to ExactCode.

Thanks. I also sent them an email at the time I posted here, and haven’t heard back from them yet. Hopefully one of us will hear something and I’ll report back if I do as well.