Copy Selection Hotkey


i just downloaded the latest Beta of DevonthinkPro.
In the preferences i see “Copy Selection Hotkey” and i assign it to some random hotkey - for testing purposes. Unfortunately whenever i select something and press the hotkey (for example: shift+control+command+opt+.) nothing happens.

am i misusing this feature? is it not working in DT 2.0 ? My Version is 2.0pb3.

Thank you,

It may be working and you’re just not aware that it is :smiley:

I believe that when you use that hotkey, you’re selection is copied into the universal inbox in the sorter. The problem is that the universal inbox is not fully functional in beta so your selection resides there until a database is open, and then it is stored in limbo.

One way to check would be to open the sorter, then select text you want to copy and use the hotkey. If what is happening is as I believe, you should now see a small number 1 in the top right corner of the universal inbox in the sorter.

thanks for your reply.

first of all, i never close DT, a database is always open.

i just checked it. if i drag/drop a link from opera/firefox to one of my other boxes in Sorter, i see the small number 1 in the top right corner. if i do the same with the Inbox-box, nothing shows up.

if i press the shortcut, nothing shows up either. is this a beta-bug?


No, it’s not a bug. See page 4 of the Upgrader’s Guide (in the download disk image) re the Sorter. The Global Inbox isn’t yet activated.

And my suggestion was ignored:

If the global Inbox still won’t be functional in the next revision maybe it could be temporarily disabled instead since its apparent “black hole” behavior has generated a lot of confusion and questions. Kind of puzzling why it was released like that.


So is there a way to change the target of a Copy Selection Hotkey ? Instead of the global inbox maybe i could redirect it to a specific inbox of a database ?

I doubt it, at least not easily (e.g. would require fussing with the application package).

Or at least somehow make it obvious that items are going into a temporarily global Inbox limbo.

IMO, as I said earlier, the current behavior is unnecessarily confusing and question-provoking.