Copy text with clickable links from Safari

Under OS X 10.3 one can copy text containing clickable links from a page in Safari and paste the text into TexEdit with the links still working! (I’m talking about text with ‘hidden’ URLs, such as the phrase “Click Here” associated with a URL.)

See Mac OS X Hints: … 4#comments

This would be a WONDERFUL feature in DEVONthink – hope it’s coming. ::slight_smile:

I just saw the same hint and came here immediately to see/ask if it is planned for DEVONThink  :)

This would be awesome!

(and if DEVONThink could embed the URL of the source of clipping (like Notetaker 2003) then I would be estactic)


This is a GREAT feature, thanks for the tip. I’ve been testing around. It doesn’t work in DT, Circus Ponies or Notetaker , but it DOES work in Omnioutliner, which I’ve been using lately because I find CPNB and NT unstable in Panther.

Give it a try,the cursor doesn’t turn into a hand, but the links do work!


The trick does work in CP NoteBook, so long as the cell into which the clickable text was pasted is not in "edit" mode (has a blinking cursor) – paste the text in, click outside the cell, then click on the linked text.

Looks promising as a feature that can work in DEVONthink with  a few flicks of the programming cursor, eh Christian?.

I have tried this with CP NoteBook and it does not work for me?   ???

Sorry – should have mentioned that I’m running a beta of NoteBook 1.2, and clickable links do work in the beta. The official update to NoteBook 1.2 should come out pretty soon. :wink:

Ah, yes, well…that explains it. :slight_smile:

DEVONthink already stores the links but they don’t work due to a minor bug. Version 1.7.3 will fix this and therefore taking notes in Safari 1.1 usually stores links and images.

Are the links preserved when the using the ‘Take Rich Note’ service or only when cutting and pasting text from Safari?

Both operations preserve links as both are based on "pasteboards".

<rub hands together>Excellent…</rub hands together> ;D