Copy To in Classify

Is there a modifier key combo that changes the “Move To” to “Copy To”, much like the option key will turn it to Replicate (if in same Db).

I second that wish

No. First request(s) I’ve ever seen actually (bearing in mind it was the same in DEVONthink 2).

Yeah - that often happens when ppl invent things :wink: somebody is first :smiley: can we have it anyway? Pleeeeeeeze?

Will the destination be in a different database?

I’d like it to be able to copy into a different database.

Example scenario: I work as a data analyst and will collect information about my job and my field. I keep a separate database for my work, because when I leave this company, I’ll completely delete that database. However, information worth keeping I will also put into another field specific database. The ‘See Also & Classify’ usually picks up both locations.

For me: yes.

One workaround right now might be to Option-drag & drop onto the first suggested group.