copy url question

hi all, my first post here.

I have an easy question, I hope.

I’d like to copy the url of a file in DT personal and paste it in a note in Skim to link documents. In EagleFiler this is very easy, just highlight the file hit ‘copy url’
and paste to anywhere. There seems to be a similar menu item in DT but I cant seem to get it to copy. I highlight the file, go to the Edit menu and hit ‘copy url’ but I hear a tone from my computer and nothing gets copyed. Am I dealing with two different kinds of things here? How do I get a link on my clipboard such as localhost/users/bill…etc?

thank a bunch


I think you need to use the file path but when I try to use that in DTPro, The path for each of my files is blank, unless I imported it from the Finder, then only some of them are viewable.

I.e., if I saved a file directly to DTP from another application, I cannot see its file path in DTP and only some of the Finder-imported files have their paths viewable.

Sounds like a bug perhaps ?

FYI: When I copy a file path, as a url, from a local file on my hard drive and paste it into a Skim note, I cannot make an active link to the file, despite the file path/url being accurate.

However, I can open the url using the Skim CM “open url” even though it is not displayed as a link.

hi thanks for the reply, I managed to get a active link in a Skim note. I dropped the file on a empty safari window to get the url (i’m sure there is a better way to do this, I’m just ignorent of it) copied and pasted into Skim note. When I highlighted the url the CM had an item called ‘Make A Link’ . Now there is an active link in my note. This seems needlessly inconvienient though. I’m testing out DT and EagleFiler to see which suits my purposes better. I like everything about DT better so far except this one little issue. In school my prof gives us pdf notes to follow during lecture. In skim, with EF, with one click I can put active links on the clipboard and the paste in my Skim note the lecture podcast mp3 and all associated docs for that lecture as well as research. Maybe this is a clunky way to go about it and I’m just stuck in one way of thinking. It makes sense to me though.


I just managed to find another way to do it. If you open a new html page in DT you can drop a file on it to get the url then the item in the edit CM works and clips an active url…


I want to accomplish much the same thing. Links in Curio to specific notes in DTP (generally rich text). I’ve tried the two options listed here without success. Any other thoughts?

In the current database structure certain file types – plain and rich text, HTML, WebArchive, XML – are not actually in the Finder file system, so there’s no Finder path or URL for these file types.

PDF, postscript, image, QuickTime media and “unknown” file types are, however, actually stored in the Finder, inside the database package. These files have a Finder path.

The revised version 2.0 database will store all files in the Finder, so every file will have a path.