When I select one or more contents and use menu-edit-copy or apple-c, I think it’s the names of the contents that ought to be copied to the clipboard - this is normal Mac behaviour for files. Instead lots of small document icons are copied to the clipboard; not even the contents of the contents, which at least would be Windows-ish. Hmm.

I ask because it’d be nice to be able to get a list of contents in any particular group or selection inside another content. Not particularly essential, but it’d be nice.

This is (more or less) identical to the behaviour of Panther’s Finder - if you copy documents in the Finder and paste them into a rich text document (e.g. in TextEdit), small icons (actually file attachments) will appear. Only pasting into a plain text document will insert a list with file names (that possibility is missing in DT but will be added).

Ta. Looking forward to the next release.