copying a single page of a PDF document results in TIFF


If I grab a single page of PDF file and drag it into another group, this page will be pasted into this group as an TIFF file that contains three pages of different sizes.

How can I achieve to drag and drop a single page of an PDF file from one group to another pasted into the destination group as an PDF file?

Kind regards, Friedrich

Try: select the page in the PDF’s sidebar, control-click, and choose “Copy” from the contextual menu. Go to the destination group and use Data > New > With Clipboard or ⌘N

(This also works when multiple pages are selected – and they do not need to be contiguous pages in the source PDF.)

If its a task you do often this script allows you to clip a page or pages of a pdf and save it as a pdf to any group.


The next release will fix this.