Copying directly to Global Inbox in the Finder -- is it safe


(FWIW: DTPO 2.0 pb 5 on Leopard 10.5.7, Intel Machine)

I hope I chose the right forum here. I have a question about using the Inbox folder located in:
~/Library/Application Support/DEVONThink Pro 2/

I noticed that if I move anything directly to this folder, it will be imported to DTPO’s Global Inbox. If DTPO is open, the item gets imported immediately, and if not, the item gets imported when DTPO is next opened. I was thrilled with this behavior, and I even made an alias to this folder and put it on my desktop.

My question: Before I get too thrilled, is it safe? Can I copy into this folder as a method to import into DTPO. And can I do it both when DTPO is running and when it is closed?

The reason I want to use an alias to the Inbox folder is this: My wife doesn’t use DTPO, but she does collect online receipts, maps, documents, etc., and I would like her to put them in my database when I get home. To do this, I’d like her to log in to my computer using AFP, and copy the receipts into the Public folder (she has r/w privileges on my computer). It would be really convenient to put an alias to the Inbox there, so it gets automatically imported to DTPO when I next open it.

(Yes, I know, I can share the database using Bonjour and she can upload through the web interface – that’s what we do now. But if there are lots of things to import, it would be faster to do it through AFP.)

With new features in Leopard and DTPO, come new ways to try and live dangerously! :smiley: But it would be nice if my set up is not so dangerous. :wink:

  • Simon

Yes, as safe as it can be. Yes, that’s it’s purpose. Yes, it’s intended to work that way.

She’ll need write permission to the Inbox folder in order to save files there via an alias (and be automatically imported into DTPO). It’s easy enough to test.

Btw, the current version is 2.0pb6 so you may want to update. It expires 31-Dec-2009.

That’s great news! Thanks sjk!

  • Simon