copying into DT from multicolumn pdfs

When copying text from a pdf with multiple columns is there any way to get it into DT minus all the nasty extra line breaks etc. I tried and find replace hard returns but this isn’t working in DT. This is mostly aesthetic but I do have a need to get selected chunks of text from multicolumn pdfs into DT quickly so that I will have these snippets and my notes on them later and as it stand now the narrow column it imports is very nasty looking and harder to read than it should be.

Sure. Just “draw” the area of a column that you wish to clip while holding the Option key, then press Command-C to copy the selected text to the clipboard. Tip: Place the cursor where the desired text starts. Hold the Option key and double-click at the cursor location, then drag to select the material.

Having done this, when I paste into a new RT note in Devonthink I get and ugly little column with hard returns at the end of all the short lines in the column. I would prefer to turn these into “normal paragraphs” since they are much easier to read and deal with. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Sorry about that, but that’s the way Adobe set up PDF text. Yes, it’s irritating.

When I need to format such text captured from a PDF document I go through it manually adding a double return after every paragraph. Then I remove the line endings, so that the text flows better and retains paragraph endings. That can be done with the Format Service. There are several little utilities that do much the same thing, but a bit easier.

This may be overkill, and there’s no guarantee it would work perfectly, but PDFPen is supposed to make precise text selection easier. If any of its other features attract you (e.g., splitting a large PDF file into a sequence of 1-page PDFs; adding the same annotation to all pages in a PDF), you may like to try out the free demo