Copying (or moving) non indexed items out of DT when in full screen

Sometimes you need to copy or move out of DT items that aren’t in a same group or search when DT is in full screen. A way to do this when they are near between them, should be select item, copy, then move out from the full screen and paste in Finder destination. Other way is leave full screen, move windows around and drag and drop. Then go back to full screen.

However, there is a faster way (and perhaps a more faster way, but I’m not aware of).

  1. Have an empty indexed folder. I have it in Global Inbox and it is called “Sacar de DT” (“Leave from DT”). This is the trick, and if you name it non common (for example, “zzy_sacar”), process is even faster.
  2. Select any file/s you want, press CMD + CONTROL + M for move, CMD + ALT + CONTROL + M for copy, popover opens, and start typing the name of the folder until the indexed one is selected.
  3. Press enter. Your file/s have been moved/copied.
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Indeed using the Move to popver is an effective way to do this.

Note you can also select and drag a file, then press Command-Tab to switch to the Finder and drop the file there. :slight_smile: