copying the 'comments' when a file is OCR'd

Is there a way to tell DT to copy the info window comments on an OCR’d document. I just assumed it would do this and just now realized that it hasn’t for the number of articles I have OCR’d. I think this should be the default protocol - make a searchable PDF and copy the info window stuff into the new PDF’s info window as well.

All data relevant to the original record is preserved when you convert to searchable PDF using the menu item. If you script this you will have to support it yourself.

I have figured out the problem.

I have been OCR’ing indexed files which had comments in the info window. When indexed files are OCR’d, the comments DO NOT carry over. This is either an oversight or a bug.

I just tried this on my machine with an indexed image file and it copied the comments. Do you see anything in the Console?

What is the Console?

The application found in Applications > Utilities. It shows several log files maintained by the operating system. The default one is “console.log” and will display messages from applications that you are running. It can be used for diagnostics of importance to system administrators and developers (like yours truly).
An example would be:

2007-03-27 10:31:54.128 DEVONthink Pro[1807] ScanSnap Manager support already installed.

I just tested it again. I put a few words in the comments of an indexed file, then OCR’d it. Comments didn’t transfer over. Here is the console log

===== Tuesday, March 27, 2007 10:31:55 AM Canada/Atlantic =====
2007-03-27 10:35:25.630 DEVONthink Pro[12254] Handle reply event: not from RDE but Finder

Hope this helps, if you want me to test again, let me know.

Maybe we’re talking about different animals here: I’m referring to the comments created in DT for the record you want to run OCR on and not Finder comments. Is this our confusion?

I think we’re talking about the same thing, but perhaps not. In my database I go to an indexed file. then I open the info window for that file. In the comment section I add a few words. Then I close the info window, right click the file and convert to searchable PDF.

Then we’re talking about the same thing, and you are using 1.3.1? I double-checked the source code and it really copies that information when it is available.

I’m afraid so. Latest addition of DT. And I just tested it again, same thing happened. It copies the title and the URL, but not the comment.


Danny, I just tested running OCR on PDF files that contain comments, and the comments were carried over in the new PDF+Text files.

Are you perhaps running any haxies on your computer?

Two thing Bill:

  1. was the PDF you ran it on an indexed PDF? This is the problem I am having. PDF’s with comments within the database are copied correctly

  2. what in the world are haxies?

Danny, Spotlight comments did not come over when I switched to running OCR again on a couple of Indexed files. Strange. Will note to Annard.

Haxies are applications that modify the behavior of OS X. Example: ShapeShifter allows one to change the appearance of windows, etc. But modification of the OS can sometimes cause errors in the OS. ShapeShifter tends to cause problems with import of PDFs to DT Pro.