Corrupt database...must authenticate?

I sent an email to support but thought I’d post here in case anyone has a solution.

I’ve not had authentication enabled in DT but today when I started the app I was asked to authenticate. Of course I can’t. The computer crashed yesterday but I’m not sure if DT was running or not. I’ve repaired permissions, ran fsck from single user mode and even run DiskWarrior to no avail.

I backed up and archived my current (bad) DT application support folder and then deleted the DT files from that directory.
I restarted DT and let it re-create the 10 .database files.
I’ve replaced every  recreated .database file with an original, without error save .database #1.
When I replace it with the original I’m asked to authenticate. Without #1 the browser is empty.
I think I have most of my actual content files saved (I used copy files into database folder) but of course the groupings are gone and there are ~ thousands of files to sort through.

Someone else had a similar problem previously but I’m not sure what the solution was. I can’t imaging manually going through all of those files, as I could never recreate the original associations/groupings.

Any ideas?

Also, in the future, what is the most secure manner in which to backup DT. I always use the full backup and verify at startup but it didnt’ seem to help in this case. I had flush to disk every 10 minutes enabled until two days ago as it became annoying (beachballs) during extended use.


Did you recived any help with this? My comp crashed tonight and now I have that also. I’m using the trial and have alot of data in there (getting ready to purchase soon).

Due to the computer crash, the files are probably damaged. But that’s actually not a DEVONthink issue or bug. For more information, just have a look at this thread:;action=display;num=1082290026

You could upload the stuffed or zipped DEVONthink database folder to <> and I’ll check if it’s possible to fix the problem. In addition, please check if there’s a “Backup” folder inside the DEVONthink folder and if the files in this folder are (almost) up-to-date.

By the way - which version do you use?

Thanks I just tried, using user anonymous but it wouldn’t let me upload. I’m using the latest version out.

Ok its up now. was an FTPeel problem, commandline works :slight_smile:

Found no file in the incoming directory (only cancelled and incomplete transactions)?!?

BTW (1):
Please zip all 10 (TEN) files as the database needs all of them.

BTW (2):
The next release will force Mac OS X to update its (HFS) file system data and flush its disk IO cache everytime DEVONthink did update its database files. This makes such problems less likely but not impossible (e.g. a harddisc might still fail during a power outage). Don’t know how this will influence performance but as only the DEVONthink folder is gonna be flushed, one will probably not notice this.

Ok all 10 in 1 zip heading up now (should have known better the first time).

The first database file (the one containing the hierarchy and the database properties) is damaged and I could export the text/rtf/html documents from the other files. But now I need an email address :slight_smile:

Hi here ya go:

thanks for all the help, you guys are awesome. This has got to be one of the best support staffs ever.