Corrupted file after upgrade

HELP!!! After upgrading to latest DT3, I have a database that is corrupted beyond repair. I restored it from backup, it seemed OK, but when I opened it today it is still a mess. I get a message “Repair Failed, 4554 errors left.”

What now?!?!

PS: I can open the database, I can see the thumbnails when i click on the folder, but if I try to open the file, it identifies the filname and says it is missing. If I look at Package Contents, there are a few files in NoIndex, but only recent ones. Eeeeeek. Where are my files?!?!?1 Makes me think I should change to Index!

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.
Please include screen captures of DEVONthink with a missing file selected.