Could I ask for one small aesthetic change?

I’m getting depressed looking at all the gray beneath the menu bar, meaning the panels. In addition, since my font size is small so that I can see a greater number of folders and files, I strain my eyes if I have my laptop in low light for hours.

Is there anyway you can allow the background to the panels to be white, if desired?

See if this helps. In Preferences > General - Interface uncheck the option for Mail 2.0 appearance (Tiger).

Something else that might help: Check the option to always open groups in a new window. You can open groups in their own view window, which means for the projects you are working on there will be fewer groups and documents displayed. Exposé makes it a snap to switch among your open DT Pro windows.

…or leave Preferences as they are, and hold the Option key down when you double-click on a group to open it. That also gives you the group in a new window. I use this method to give me the discretion of opening some groups in their own windows, some in the same window.