Could not verify the store structure

I’m getting the error “Could not verify the store structure (forbidden ({“error”: “Token does not belong to this app.”}))” when syncing with the new 2.5. I have previously synced with 2.4 and the beta sync plugin. What should I do to get syncing to work again?


Clean everything out of Dropbox’s Apps/DEVON* folders (whatever might happen to be in there). Then remove and re-add the Dropbox location (reauthenticating, if necessary).

I am having the same problem except with WebDav over HTTPS.

Path: sync
Store Name: Store
username : foo
password: bar
Port 443

This is on a clean install of DevonThink on a clean install of Mac OS X Mountain Lion.
The default store (inbox) is the only store present with one document locally. The webdav server is new as well and is completely empty.

Stay tuned for the next maintenance release. WebDAV is a problematic interface but we think we have things tweaked to get around some of its difficulties.