Could the tags in the capture HUD be more readable?

I find the tags selected in the HUD for “Take Rich Note” capture etc. have become unreadable in the current version (never been a problem in the past). Surely not just me?

The tags are unreadable when the HUD does not have the focus (top image, below), but when I click on the HUD, the tags become readable (bottom image).

But yours look different from mine!

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 13.56.14.png

I’m finding that Yosemite’s UI is a mystery – I haven’t tweaked anything in the UI and still I get different results at different times vs. what others report. Have you adjusted anything in the Accessiblity settings, @mrkwr, such as transparency?

No, my Accessibility settings are untouched.

Obviously it’s not a critical issue – just thought I’d mention it in passing.