Could XMenu support the AppleScript Standard Suite?

I would prefer if I XMenu was scriptable, supporting the AppleScript Standard Suite. It would make it easier to incorporate it into my automation scripts. For instance, when I’m doing something processor-intensive which will take a while, I use a script to quit all of my nice but unnecessary applications, and when I’m done, I use a companion script to launch them all again. Currently, I’ll either have to quit XMenu manually in such cases, or have the script kill it XMenu instead of quitting it. Also, I’d have to tell Finder to open XMenu instead of telling XMenu to launch. Both of these exceptions mean adaptations just for XMenu, instead of just adding it to it’s list. They both also have their inherent weaknesses, such as the possibility of killing XMenu before it’s committed preferences changes to disk, or having the script fail if XMenu changes location. Of course, that pair of scripts is just a “for instance”.

Thanks if you considder it,