Counting tagged groups

Hi all.
So, I have hundreds of groups, which contains pdfs concerning specific individuals.
Now I have tagged some of them for a characteristic. When I click the tags group, I can see all the groups under that tag. But how can I know how many groups there are with that tag, without manually counting them???
Best, André

Make a Smart Group…


I did. But it counts all PDFs, not the number of groups by which they are grouped…

Sounds like you are viewing the results (list of matching groups) in the smart group. Move up one level in the group hierarchy and the smart group will report the number of items matching the criteria. This smart group has similar criteria to what @BLUEFROG posted, and reports 12 matching groups.

Replacing tags for labels in the smart group criteria made it work…now it counts groups, not pdf…not sure why, but worked!
tks, Andre :smiley: