CPU utilization spiking with DTPO 2.0.9

I’m not sure when it started, but for the last few months I’ve started having a problem with DevonThink Pro Office consuming my MacbookPro. I will notice that things start getting sluggish and check Activity Monitor and find that DTPO is consuming all CPU resources… spiking up as high as 200%. Trying to quit DTPO usually results in no change and I end up having to force it to quit. I can start it back up and things seem to be fine. Its after several days of running that this usually happens… and it doesn’t matter if I’m doing anything with it or not. For example it did it this morning and I didn’t use DTPO at all over the weekend or this morning. It has been idle for several days and all of a sudden I heard my fans getting loud and checked to see what was going on… DTPO was the problem. Anyone else having this problem or know what could be causing it?

Have you checked the Console for error messages? Another thing worth trying is deleting the DTPO preference files, maybe there’s something in there that got messed up. 2.0.9 works absolutely fine with me and I haven’t observed any CPU spikes with it.

If this should happen again, then please launch Apple’s Activity Monitor, select DEVONthink in the list of processes, click the “Sample” button in the toolbar and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com. Thanks in advance!