Crash on going back from search: Ver. 1.02

Downloaded version 1.02 from the Apple Application store. DEVONthink To Go still crashes as one is going back from a search operation.

Here are the details:

  1. Start DEVONthink To Go application;
  2. Tap on ‘Search’;
  3. Enter search term and tap on ‘Search’ key;
  4. Tap on ‘Back’ to go back to home screen;
  5. Crash! Message displayed on screen: Application Error
    An error has occurred. The application must exit.

And now the frustrations:

It is quite disappointing to see the same bug still present since version 1.0. The error message is so generic, there isn’t even an error code that is being generated that could help in the debugging. A resilient/overlooked memory leak perhaps?

At this stage and in blunt terms, I think that these types of bugs make the average user wonder about the skill set of the programmer(s) involved in putting together this application on the iPad.

Same here. Still crashes after search.
Nothing changed with this newest update.
What gives?
DTTG is nothing if it does not have a reliable search function. Isn’t that the point of this whole thing?
Don"t boast about stability improvements and have this not fixed.
Very disappointing. :frowning:

Willem Kuhtreiber

Working fine here. Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app from both iTunes and your iPad?

Same here. Crashes after carrying out a search and attempting to return via Back button or Home icon. Updated app through iTunes and the Settings confirm that I am running v1.02 with iOS 4.2.1 on the iPad. I don’t understand the comment about “reinstall”. :frowning:

We have noted that simply updating the application via iTunes does not seem to be sufficient, in some cases, to fully replace the application and its data. The previous poster was suggesting, and we endorse this approach, that you follow this approach if problems appear (or persist) after an update:

  1. Tap and hold the application icon on your iOS device in the Springboard screen. After a while, the icon will start to ‘jiggle’ and present an ‘X’ in the top left corner.
  2. Tap the ‘X’ in the application icon and select Delete in the popup dialog that appears.
  3. Next time you sync with iTunes, make sure the DTTG application is selected for placement on your iOS device and (iTunes sync) applications.

This process will remove all traces of the previous version and install a fresh copy of the application on your device.

Thanks Mike. I have reinstalled DTTG as recommended, and re-synched my databases, and I can confirm that it fixes the Search crash on both my iPhone and iPad.
Perhaps you might consider highlighting the recommendation as part of the iTunes description - not every user will monitor the forum for fixes, and it is not obvious that it might be necessary.

Thank you for such rapid feedback. We fixed the search crash back in 1.0.1 and improved the code some more in 1.0.2 - frankly, we could not reproduce this crash in the current release. Unfortunately, this is an anomaly I have noticed since beginning iOS development - some people upgrade and get all the benefits of the new code, some folks upgrade and see no changes (or the issues they encounter even get worse). You only need look at the “most critical” reviews on the AppStore to see this phenomenon is action. I will pass along your suggestion regarding adding this to our AppStore description - it will undoubtedly save people a great deal of frustration. Thanks again - your success has certainly brightened my day quite a bit.

Followed Simon’s suggestion which is now blessed by Mike. This appears to have resolved the crash-on-going-back-from-search problem. I suggest that this fix be mentioned on the DTTG web site in BIG RED LETTERS for others to see. Thank you both.

I did the above suggested procedure of compeltely removing and re-installing via iTunes.

DTTG worked flawless for a number of searches, and then the problem re-appeared. Now crashes again every single time. If it matters, things went south when I did a search that gave a lot of hits. Somehow related to memory leak / overflow?

Sorry, but this is NOT fixed.

Willem Kuhtreiber

Unfortunately the same has happened to me. I was able to carry out a number of searches and return to the main screen without a problem and then suddenly the app crashed on the nth time, for both the iPhone and iPad. Although the app exits/quits it is still running in the background, but killing it and restarting makes no difference. The only way of getting back to the home screen after a search is to do a final search on a string guaranteed not to be found, and then it goes back OK.
Oddly, after doing a number of restarts and searches giving nil results the problem has now disappeared on the iPad (for now) but the same trick has not worked on the iPhone yet.

Having agreed with a poster to this thread that users should try the “delete/reinstall” approach to ‘fix’ this problem, I would be remiss not to point out that this suggestion is neither usual nor customary. One thing the Internet enabled for software developers was the ability to fix issues and rapidly deliver updates to users electronically. The AppStore approach has brought us back to the days of having a middleman between us and our users. I think the benefits outweigh the inconveniences imposed by this system, but frustration often leads to endorsing DIY fixes that users can apply in the field. DTTG 1.0.1 resolved a very reproducible bug related to search. Unfortunately, our testing did not turn up the issue currently being reported here. FWIW, I would like to thank the users who did try the delete/reinstall suggestion as it has provided a wealth of information concerning the root cause of this bug. Based on your assistance we will deliver a fix as soon as our next release is submitted to Apple.

Thats what I meant in another post of mine.
We are professionals (at least some of us) that just need the app for their daily work.
I dont have time to delete, reinstall and then invest HOURS to resync my whole database which has tens of thousands of documents.
DTTG is certainly not my favorite toy to spend my free nights with…

Maybe its a good idea to buy some ipads, iphones and ipods (all geneations and several of them), give them to friends or family members for a while and let them be played with. Also let them be loaded with some software from the app store. Some devices with different iOS versions, of course…
Then when you get the devices returned after a while you have real life configurations/installs that might differ gravely from your development devices that will otherwise never cause the same errors and problems than the “stupid-user”-ones…

Btw: that is what a close friend of mine does. And after he releases his updates, there are hardly any bugs. Its one developer only, working on a very complex application.

How about hiring some real professional beta testers? I’ve got access to 2 generations of iPhone, 3 generations of mac, 2 generations of Ipod Touch and an iPad. How about hiring someone like me or anyone with a variety of devices, operating systems and machines to really push the limits of the SW before releasing it? The existing beta testing structure is woefully inadequate as the resulting problems when you release the SW have proven.

Just seen the comment on deleting the DTTG app and then reinstalling to get rid of crashes. Very helpful.

Would it be possible to include this recommendation in the install instructions within the DTTG app download or in the iTunes store?