Crash on Sort

DevonThink V:1.8.1b
OS X 10.3.4

Choose a group in the first column.
Choose a group in the second column.
Highlight all the items in the third column (wanting to sort just those).

Go View | Sort | by Date Created.
All columns go blank - no data visible anywhere.

Switch to any of the other "views" (Notepad, Outliner, …) - BOOM "DevonThink has unexpectedly quit…"

Doesn’t look as if I’ve lost any data, though.
Did a CmdShiftY and a CmdShiftK before all this - I find this a life saver and do it VERY often.

Thank you for the bug report - version 1.9 will fix this. If you’re interested in testing the latest builds (already fixing this issue), just let me know.